The Epsilon Rho chapter of Alpha Phi at the University of California, Davis holds the values sisterhood, generosity, innovation, and character close to our hearts. Our members take academics very seriously which shows through our scholarship program and support towards our member's vision to excel and to be a leader in and out of the classroom. We have members in every college on campus and almost every major from Economics to Animal Science to Communications to Mechcanical Engineering! 


The bonds of friendship formed in Alpha Phi tie our members together for a lifetime, not just for college. These friendships formed lead to smiles, laughter, tears and ultimately, the unforgettable memories our sisters will make!

​​I joined alpha phi because I came from a huge girl gang/ support system back at home and knew i needed that at Davis. Going through recruitment I instantly felt at home with these girls because they reminded me of my best friends. Now I’m blessed to have even more additions to the girl gang & I couldn’t be happier where am at.


-Gracy Joslin

One of the most rewarding things Alpha Phi has given me is a Phi Pham. They are not only one of my strongest support systems but women who I can look up to as role models every day. Thank you for bring out the absolute best in me!

- Mackenzie O'hare 

Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first nineteen women admitted to the newly opened university. Our founders were women with brave hearts that were filled with a noble purpose and with eyes that saw clearly into the future. These were the Original Ten, the founders of Alpha Phi. Pursuing their studies in a thoroughly male-dominated environment, these women had a pressing need for friends who could sympathize with each other's problems and support each other's aspirations. On September 18, 1872, these ten women initiated themselves into Alpha Phi. To learn more about the great legacy of Alpha Phi, check out www.alphaphi.org.

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