Making sure our new members get to know all of our active sisters is our biggest goal here at Alpha Phi. We are incredibly proud of our innovative Ivy Linker program where our new members are paired with different active members throughout their first months here at UC Davis. Ivy linkers meet for coffee, go on study dates, get ready for exchanges together, or even take trips to Sacramento for some retail therapy! 

This program helps the new members see who they would want as their big. One of the most exciting parts of joining Alpha Phi is the day you get your big and become a part of a phi-fam! Every new members favorite week is Big Little week where they get anonymously showered with baskets full of treats, Alpha Phi apparel, school essentials, dorm decorations, and so much more! On the last day of this exciting week, new members are finally united with their new big sister at our Big Little Reveal!

Big sisters become your mentors and best friends. They are the girls that are there during your highs and lows, help you pick out the right classes, cram for finals in the library with you, and give the greatest advice. We are so lucky to have our big sisters!

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